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Product name : BoardOK Drywall
Product No. : Drywall Partition Metal Framework
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BoardOK Drywall Metal Frame for Wall

BoardOK Drywall Partition Metal frame
Taking high-quality continuous hot-galvanized steel strip as raw material, is a kind of high-quality 
product manufactured by applying advanced technology and rolling and cold bending process.
 It belongs to Europe and America stud system with simple structure and no accessories.

BoardOK Steel Stud Drywall Framing Systems comply with all relevant Building Codes for fire-rated,
 and load bearing requirements.
The availability of various sizes, complementary components such as nogging tracks, curved tracks 
and special cleats ensure Rondo Stud and Track Wall Systems are available to suit almost all situations,
such as internal drywall partitions up to 10 metres in height, depending on the application.






1.Light steel keels have good graphic effect in the whole; 
2.Its lines are concise and elegant; 
3.Light weight and high strength; 
4.Convenient and time saving in construction with our gypsum boards;

5.Matching magnesium fire-proof board,gypsum board and many other wall and ceiling board

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