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  • Product No.:BoardOK Black Phosphated Fine Thread Drywall Screw
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BoardOK Black Phosphated Fine Thread Drywall Screw

BoardOK Fasteners and fixing products like: 
Self Drilling Screw, self taping screw, bolt, nuts etc
 is combined high-quality steel controls, and manufacturing know-how product the best drill point available, 
designed for use in 
drywall steel or other metals. Not only in carbon steel, but also in stainless steel, BoardOK 
self fastners and drilling screws with sharp and durable drilling point, pierces the metal without buckling, 
drill through steel faster than other leading manufacturers.

 Products Name:
 Drywall Screw Black Phosphated Fine Thread 
 Thread :
 Fine & Coarse & Twinfast
 Head type:
 Bugle head, phillips drive, Drilling point
 Black/grey phosphate or zinc plated
 High-quality raw material, strict inspection
 Product features:
 For all kinds of gypsum board, light partition wall and ceiling series of installation
 Minimum Order Quantity:
 More than 0.5 Metric ton
 Shipment Port:
 Delivery Time: 5------15days,According to the volume to determine the delivery time.

 Box, carton or plastic bags, then put on pallets, or according to your demand 

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